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    We make websites that are visually appealing and that will be supported for years to come. Our websites have clean code with attention to accessibility, ease of maintenance, and longevity. Ease of maintenance is achieved through use of a Content Management System. Longevity is achieved through adherence to W3C standards compliance. All too often web developers tend to provide a bare minimum and cut corners whenever possible. Our goal is to break this trend and provide superior web sites inside-and-out at an affordable rate. It is our mission to exude integrity and ensure our customers are getting the quality product they deserve.

    A CMS is a behind-the-scenes web application that allows you or a developer to easily edit and manipulate the content, menus, forms, extensions, and everything else on your web site. With a little training, you can edit the content yourself without touching any code (we provide a tutorial at the end of development for our clients). We recommend open source CMS for a number of reasons: It’s easy for our clients to use without any technical knowledge, has no upfront or monthly fees, can be manipulated to a greater degree than proprietary systems, and works across a broader range of platforms. Open source projects even tend to have better security testing, by nature of a much larger pool of developers handling the code. And any features you want to add down the road (like integrated google maps, blogs, forums, or the like) can be set up with more options and little to no cost.

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